Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H Rigby – Principal/Safeguarding Lead

Mr P Turner - Vice Principal/Deputy Safeguarding Lead/KS2 Leader/ Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs N Meakin - Senior Leader/KS1 Leader/ SENCO/ Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss K Weston- Senior Leader/ EYFS Leader/ Foundation Class Teacher


Safeguarding and Family Support Worker

Miss S Hancock – Deputy Safeguarding Lead/ Family Support Worker


Teaching Staff

Mrs D James   - Year 6 Class Teacher

Mr L Wiggs     - Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr L Smith     - Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs R Halstead- Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss C Yates   - Year 1 Class Teacher


Classroom Support Staff

Mrs W Antrobus (HLTA)

Mrs E Barnes (EYP)

Mrs K Bate

Miss A Bourne

Mrs H Copeland

Mrs C Horgan

Mrs D Lovatt (HLTA)

Mrs L Niewiadomski (EYP)

Miss A Oakes

Mrs M Shaw

Mrs K Smith

Miss N Walker


Office Staff

Mrs S Walklet - Academy Manager

Mrs J Oakes- Admin Assistant


Lunchtime & CareClub Supervisors

Mrs J Carter - Lunchtime/Careclub

Mrs J Cooper - Lunchtime

Mrs T Walsh - Lunchtime/Careclub


Maintenance Staff

Mr A Bell – Premises Officer

Mrs A Lemon – Cleaner

Mrs D Rose - Cleaner


 Catering Staff

Ms J Hodgkinson -  Catering Assistant

Mrs S Roberts - Catering Assistant